WINZ Residential Care Subsidies

Moving into rest home care is a major step - and it often happens before we are ready.  This create stress and worry for all.  Solomons can help you through every step of the process.   We work along side our clients and their families to take all the legal hassle out of this transition.  We can handle all aspects of your application for a rest home care subsidy, from drafting the application, providing all the extra paperwork and dealing with queries from WINZ until everything is sorted.  We are experts at putting your financial affairs in order, ensuring you have an effective and appropriate will and can also manage the house - whether it is to be sold, rented or occupied by other family.  Enjoy the benefit of our experience and know that you and your families legal welfare is in expert hands.

WINZ Residential Care Subsidy Application

To qualify for financial assistance from WINZ you must complete a Residential Care Subsidy Application.  This form is 20 pages long.  If you qualify, you will be fully or partly funded for long-term residential care in either a rest-home or hospital.  If you do not qualify then you must pay for the costs of your long-term care from your own funds. 

We will provide advice on how to complete this application, including steps you can take to increase your eligibilty, we will assist in the presentation and drafting of the application, and will collate the appropriate documents, assisting WINZ in making their assessment.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Many resthomes will require that their residents have appointed attorneys as part of their admission requirements.  This means the resident will need to have appointed an Enduring Attorney to manage their property and their personal care and welfare in the event that they loose mental capacity to manage these issues for themselves.  Even if not a requirement, it is a prudent step to ensure that a trusted family member or friend is able to "walk in your shoes" in the event that you loose the ability to make decisions for yourself.  Solomons will discuss appropriate arrangements with you, prepare the proper paperwork,  arrange for signing and certification, and store the documents in our Deeds faciltiy for safekeeping.

Free Wills

The transition to a resthome will have major financial implications for you.  It may mean the sale of your house, release of investments, you may be recently widowed, or need to consider the needs of a spouse or dependent remaining in the family home.  It will be timely to consider an update of your will or to do a new will.  Solomons offer a free will service to all new and existing clients.  We will discuss your requirements, prepare a draft will for your perusal, attend to any changes you require, arrange for correct signing and witnessing of the will, and store the original in our Deeds facility, all at no charge.

Coming to You

We understand that you may well be dealing with health and other  issues at this time.  Sometimes a visit to a lawyers office is just not possible.  We are more than happy to arrange to see you at your home, at the hospital or at the rest home.  Where necessary we can respond to such a request by arranging a same day visit, giving you the reassurance and peace of mind that your affairs are in the hands of professionals.