Dick Crush LLB, BA


Dick Crush LLB, BA

Dick joined Solomons in June 2017 as a Partner, having been a Partner with another Dunedin based firm for over twenty years. A law and arts graduate of the University of Otago, Dick has been practising law for over forty years. He is a former director of Air New Zealand and has previously been contracted to a ministerial office in the Beehive.

During a term as State Solicitor for Western Samoa, Dick advised the Western Samoan Cabinet on a range of legal issues including international treaties, supervision of government departments, drafting legislation and general issues of State liability.

In recent years, Dick has focussed his practice on property and commercial law however he has signficant experience as a litigator, having appeared for clients in a range of Courts and Tribunals including the New Zealand Court of Appeal.

Dick specialises in commercial and rural property, business and commercial transactions, trust and estate planning. His special interests are in joint-venture formation and advising international clients intending to do business in New Zealand.

Dick enjoys forming lasting relationships with clients and is proud to act for many generations of families.